The following is a sampling of the cases and results for Douglas Del Tondo. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Title Case Description Judgment Amount Judgment Date
Caine vs. Beverly Hills Rent a Car, Inc., Rulings Caine – win over claim owed 25% of amount collected from debtor. $22,866.00 July 6, 2009
Kleiman vs. Yakov, Judgement Final decision on physical damages claim $22,868.19
awarded to Kleiman
February 2, 2007
Connoly vs. Kim and Hertz Corporation, Verdict Negligence damage claim settlement between defendant and plaintiff $36,420 March 22, 2006
Beverly Hills Rent a Car vs. Davani Victory on appeal involving attorneys fees and discovery. Decision remanded to final hearing August 11, 2005
Case #15-009 Arts Arbitration and Mediation Services This is decision in 2002 for California Lawyers for the Arts arbitration service resolving whether a music agent was liable for failure of a pickup contract. Arbitration Dispute November 22, 2002
Imposing Liability on Renters Deters Theft Article in June-July 1992 Edition of Auto Rental News by Douglas J. Del Tondo entitled “Imposing Liability on Renter Deters Theft.” Auto Rental News 1993
Susan R. vs. Carolyn H., Decision of Arbitrator A 1993 arbitration decision by Mr. Douglas Del Tondo, awarding $45,000 to a plaintiff. The case involved a plaintiff pulling out onto Robertson, and whether the driver on Robertson who struck her was speeding or had the right of way, or whether regardless of having the right of way was liable. $45,000.00
awarded to Susan R.
June 30, 1992
Tor vs. Nondescript Bank, Findings A ruling by Douglas Del Tondo granting plaintiff $52,000 for a slip and fall in a bank where he fell and hit his face on a desk. The evidence was a mat that was known to have a dangerous curl, but the bank did not take precautions to replace it. $52,000.00 awarded to Tor August 2, 1991
Political Risk Insurance and the Implied Sue and Labor Doctrine As A Basis for Recovery 1991 Article whether one who pays money to avoid a political risk insurance loss could recover anyway under Sue-and-Labor doctrine against its carrier. Published Online January 15, 1991